The Cookie Corner was started in 1981 as a half-baked concoction in a Downtown Honolulu Alley (Cunhas Alley, that is, in Pioneer Plaza). Two guys were short on cash and figured it would be an easy way to make a little extra dough.

“Fat chance!” said their friendly banker. “We can’t take the risk of getting burned. How can you compete with the more famous cookie shops from the mainland like Mrs. F?” (Remember it’s not nice to use the “F” word!)

Well, the Cookie Corner crew still felt they had the right ingredients for success.  Bake every cookie with an extra morsel of Aloha; butter up each and every customer; don’t cry over spilt milk; always think sweet thoughts; savor the moment; and try not to get egg on your face. Well, the recipe seemed to work and it wasn’t long before they made their first million…cookies that is!

Thirty years later, the Cookie Corner stores have stretched from Kapolei to Kahala, Kaneohe to Kaimuki. “And we’ve made a lot of friends. Some of our best friends are our biggest customers… or is it…some of our best customers are our biggest friends!”  Well whatever! It hasn’t always been easy and the cookie crew has worked their molasses off. As one employee said, “It’s fun! The job is great because cookies make people happy. But the icing on the cake is the tasty benefits.”